Destiel. Sabriel. Midam. BobbyJody.

Hunter. Minion. Moose-kateer, Hobbit, Jedi Knight, Graduate of Gryffindor. Pokemon master. I don't know what the hell you call Teen Wolf fans, but I'm there, too. Trekkie, District 12 Tribute. Sailor Scout. Demigod. Dragon Rider. Time Lord. Shadowhunter. Starship Ranger. BAU Profiler. Teddy bear doctor. Avenger. Classic rock enthusiast. Crazy person. Flirt. Horseperson of Drinks That Are Too Hot Even After You've Set Them Down to Cool For Several Minutes And Still Burn Your Tongue. High-functioning Sociopath. Walker. Wizard. Succubus. Batman. Ominous hooded figure that steals babies.
And then, I was brought tears….

Somewhere, Dean Winchester is screaming profanities at you… 

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